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My name is Ziasum, a passionate writer. What is it that fuels each and every one of us in this world? For me, it is Scribbler Voice. I enjoy writing about my emotions, passions, what interests me and sharing it with the world. I started this blog with a mission to give others a taste of what goes on in my mind, and I have been at it ever since.I invite you to explore my site, learn about my passions, and explore what excites and interests you as well. Please also post your valuable comments for my works, published in Thrive Global Community and Booksie.


Feeling the warmth of the bright sunset
She peeped her head out of a woollen blanket
She was ready to head towards the battle field(office)
With hope and boldness as her shield
Every day with a thought to quit
She tried a lot to adjust and fit
Endless night shifts ruined her health
As day by day she started to loose herself
However long the night, the dawn has arrived
Yet struggling to sleep as she was sleep deprived
With no social life , her heart felt depressed
And yes she was living with the darksome distress
Little things does matter a lot
Whenever I am shattered and lost
Those vibrant colors heals my soul
Which motivates me to reach my goals
Crimson sky, makes my day
Fills up my heart with positive ray
Sun has set , I am broken again
And there comes the lightning and rain
It's the little things that brings immense pleasures
Never miss to celebrate those gifted treasures
Solitude makes me to feel happy and light
But everyone wants to know why I am quiet
Being reserved is not a sign of weakness
Not knowing that it's my way of uniqueness
Most of them are keen to know where I share
my feelings
Very few knew that I express my emotions through writings
Being introvert is not so wrong
It is my strength which makes me wise and strong
Silence alone heals my heart and soul
Gives me peace and makes me whole
Life is a game
Never complain and blame
Life is a gold
Be strong and bold
Life is a school
Don't be a fool
Life is to be fun
So get away from sin
Life is to live
Be ready to give
She rules our home with her enchanting smile
All our problems disappears for a while
A little princess who lightens our soul
We are now completely under her control
Her presence brings us genuine bliss
She makes our day with her lovely kiss
Her cuteness makes us to forget our stress
Who fills our heart with her infectious zest
At last , she resigned the awful job
Which was once driving her mad and sad
She felt a sense of freedom and peace
Her happiness has now got gradually increased
She spent the time with mobile all the day
Everyone in the family was disappointed by her way
She started to loose all the temporary calmness
As awful job was better than being jobless
Choosing her passion was the only way to heal
Which gave back the peace that she could genuinely feel

The sun has set and the sky turns dark
Surrounded by silence with no one to talk
My obsession for night time , never ends
Even though my life has too many bends
I gaze at the sky , throughout the nights
Despite of having several mosquito bites
Quiet black sky , refills my soul
A best companion, who makes me whole
Night passes soon and the day is too long
I wait for the night again, which makes me strong

She started to feel her hands tremble
It's a sign to show that she is not ready to mingle
Irrational anxiety made her nervous
Which gave a goosebumps with lot of distress
Fear of people and crowd , drove her mad
Suffering with this disorder ,she felt quite embarrassed
That suffocation cannot be expressed through words
It's a mental illness that cannot be heard
Although her attempts to pretend normal literally failed
She gave up finally and started to leave
A sense of relief ,made her calm
It's the solitude which gave the warmth

I was getting a fair pay in my first job
In return I always felt pressured and sad
I have quit the job, even after knowing the consequences
Sometimes still getting scared when thinking about my expenses
Few said , I have taken a stupid decision
But it's a break time which I needed to develop my writing passion
Behind my back, some people told that I am selfish
All I wanted to say that I have gifted myself with "self-peace"
I have now got an other job in writing field
It's a peaceful way to live with my passion as a shield !!

She eagerly awaits for that specific time daily
It is the time where she never feels lazy
In traveling, she finds happiness and calm
She likes to soak in the golden sunshine's warm
All her tiredness disappears for a while
She enjoys the ride wholeheartedly with a smile
Observing people outside the cab is her favorite hobby
She gets more delighted along with a cup of cold coffee
Sometimes , small talks happens with the cab driver
But mostly she avoids it due to the social anxiety disorder
These journey times, paves as a way for her self discovery
Gives her a " me time " with most beautiful memories

Until the childhood, dad was one of her best friend
Once grown up, that relationship has come to an end
Talks became less and arguments happened more
Fights took placed regularly as both started to roar
Remembering her childhood memories, she wept during the nights
She didn't get an answer for the gap that caused fights
Hoping for the reconciliation, she started to remain silent
It solved the problem, as a result of her patience

She got married at an early age
For her, in-laws home was similar to living in a cage
She was struggling hard to adjust with this life
Her husband was sad, seeing the condition of his wife
She thought her freedom has gone post marriage
Few told that this is one of the life's stage
Day by day , she felt her life is too terrible
This caused a misunderstanding between the couple
Her parents felt happy as their duty is done
Not aware that their daughter's married life has not yet begun

He was a person who is at the last stage of life
Fragile and alone living without the support of his wife
No one was ready to lend their ears genuinely to him
That gave a feel as his life is becoming dim
Deep inside he wept for being ignored
By his own sons whom he loved and adored
He awaited eagerly to depart from this world
As he received all the bitter gifts of being old

She was labelled as an average looking girl
Deep inside she was beautiful as a pearl
External beauty didn't mattered for her
Coz in the end it will starts to blur
Close circle alone knows about her inner beauty
It was the kind character which gave her that identity

She is a deep thinker like everyone else
Dwelling into thoughts, until half past twelve
Seeking wisdom and knowledge are her main goals
Which is one of a traits of being an old soul
Sometimes, she finds hard to fit into the society
That is filled with many chaos and misery
Cherishing nature in silence, always charges her emotions
It is a quite natural way to escape from any depression
Quest for the self development, makes her wise
As it helps her grow beautifully, deep inside

My heart was blocked with agony and sadness
As the path which I travelled was filled with fear and darkness
I was on the way towards an anonymous journey
It was the time, when I realized about the God's mercy
My life started to bloom better than before
Because of the habit of graitude, that immensely flowed
My angst begun to fade day by day
That lead me towards the positive way

She arrived as our new tenant
Although the stay was not permanent
Her trademark is that carishmatic smile
Now she has moved away half a mile
I stare at those empty windows,
remembering our long talks
Without her presence , the place looks completely dark
She became too close within those few months
Who filled our hearts with many beautiful moments

I used to pass by a huge old tree with a broken branch
Standing unique ,located in the right corner of a bridge
Near by it, there were many other large trees
Covered completely with deep green leaves
Still , being a 'Dendrophile', I adore that broken branch tree
Which taught me a soulful lesson for life
Broken doesn't means flaw and ugly
Being broken is also beautiful
P.S: Dendrophile refers to a person who loves trees

Peace is gone, as the people are afraid
Due to a virus that has begun to invade
Everyone is forced to adapt an abnormal life
Which is filling all the hearts with negative vibes
World is surrounded by the darkest crisis
That abruptly stops weakned pulse
Though, this is a chance for the earth to heal
Let's pray to the Almighty, for mercy and strength to deal

She shows abundant care towards her closer ones
Spending sleepless nights if something happens to them
She gets hurt easily if that caring is told as fake
Which affects her with a deep heart break
One who gets her love alone knows the truth
For them, it's a medicine that helps to soothe
Being a high sensitive person, is not someone's fault
They can't change as it's inside their soul and thoughts

She always had a true love for nature
That was abundant and pure
She had an obsession with it's colors
And the fragrance,that was spread everywhere
Amidst of the chaos, it was her peace
Those where the moments which she always
My mind wanders without a direction, during all the nights
I Couldn't control it, and now accept my fail
Overthinking, continuously feeds my brain
All the efforts to stop them have gone in vain
Well, I can't put the entire blame on my broken heart
Which holds many wounds and give those thoughts
She hid all the emotions without showing to anyone
Keeping them inside, gave her a lot of tension
Her soul got tired due to the sadness and confusions
All she needed at that moment was a genuine compassion
That can heal and help her to come out of the depression
And finally she got that compassion from one of the closest person
Sometimes opening up is indeed a best ever solution
Solitude feeds her soul with joy
But she was called as timid and shy
None of their words, mattered to her
As she knows the power of being an introvert
Introversion is a gift in her life
Which she feels as a strong way to thrive
She is a genuine person with gentle heart
Who takes care of us all time, round the clock
She ties our family with her compassionate bond
Which is the key to keep us extremely strong
Her expectations are low and sacrifices are high
We can't become like that, even though how hard we try
That's the uniqueness of being a mother
Let's celebrate all the days with her together
People were too busy to fulfill their desires
But now, they have lost all of their hopes due a dreadful virus
Each day, the hearts are filled with fears and sadness
Which has completely taken away everyone's happiness
People were always concerned about gaining the wealth
So that they missed taking care of themselves
Now, they long to live every day with a good health
As they are aware that the lethargicness can lead to death
She stood alone in that empty road, recollecting his memories
The day, when they met with an accident and suffered too many injuries
She remembered the moment, when her hands were held, for the one last time
By him, who left her all alone in this world with lots of pain

( A free verse poem )
There were only two choices left
Either to quit or to restart
She was ready to quit
But hesitant to restart
Because of fear of the failures
Which accompanied throughout her life
Until she found a way this time
Through the spiritual path finally
That took away the sadness completely
And filled her life with positivity
I showed my writings to this beautiful world
And here I'm gonna share the reviews I got
Few asked me, why I always write focusing on negative things
About depression,disorders and introversion
And this was the explanation that I gave
Not everyone share those dark feelings outside
Mainly because of the fear of vulnerability
I share those things to let the world know
That there are lessons behind the things I faced
Which may give a ray of hope
For those, who are drained mentally
Especially for the people who suffer silently
They think opening up is a sign of weakness
Not knowing that hiding those feelings, can give them sadness
Still, there are few who encourages me to write
More about my emotions and thoughts
And now I got a lesson from them
Whether good or bad, there are few
To understand others pain, genuinely from their heart
I remember the last day of leaving my workplace
It was four years bond which I will always embrace Though I was happy one side that the stress was about to end
At the same time I was sad, remembering the beautiful days spent
It is almost been a year and my memories are still fresh
Which will reside in my heart for decades in depth *****
It all happened suddenly when she wasn't prepared
She was rejoiced as they finally declared
Everyone congratulated as she got her life companion
And the home was getting ready for a big celebration
Slowly she started to feel that this happiness will not long last
She even told her close circle, and they laughed hard
Her guts kept on indicated that something may go wrong
Finally one of her friends understood and told her to be bold and strong
Her instincts was true and they wanted to end
Promises faded, and celebrations started to descend
She was broken yet gave hope to her parents
To forget the past and to focus on the present
Whatever happened is a decree of the Almighty
Whom she trusts hard and that makes her feel lightly
Trying to forget, yet hard to control,
Stop suppressing thoughts inside, O my tired soul !
Let me live like normal as before,
With a peaceful mind and a heart to explore !
Negative things happens in life
Which can break the hearts and takes our peace
We leave those lessons but take the pain
It's not an end, our life can be started again
Yeah, it's easy to say but hard to follow
But there is a solution, that takes away the sorrows
Ray of hope is the key we need
Which removes the sadness and sows belief
it's the best path for all to succeed
Let's forget the past and focus on good deeds
She loves that pain, even though it makes her sad
Coz it is the feeling which also makes her strong
It is the void inside, that cause that pain
Not everyone may like, as it will totally ruin
All she wanted was to be loved unconditionally
What she got was disappointments continuously
Getting rejected was not her fault
But it did break her heart into half
Amidst all the chaos, solitude was her best medicine.
It gave her peace and took the void that broke in.
I never saw those beautiful streaks of lights before
Which looked bright with many colors
There were red, violet, green;
Deep orange, pink and yellow
The sun was about to set
With the shady blueish sky
Decorated with the huge dark clouds
The day ended beautifully
Giving me the pure blissful moments
Which I will cherish forever in my life
This is the month of holiness, which purifies our heart
We muslims, fast and worship sincerely to please our Lord.
It is the last day of fasting and there is an emptiness inside
Hope this month will be a turning point to improve our life.
This may be our last Ramzan and Allah knows the best
Let's all strive to become a better person by receiving Almighty's bless
Deep in my heart, I feel so tight
Feeling dead inside, as I am losing this fight
All I wanted is to shout out and cry
Along with someone, who can console me to strive again and try
But that someone is busy with their own life
So I should stop expecting and find a way to thrive
Help and healing can be only sought from the Almighty
Who is only One and has no other deity
They were a beautiful pair
She was only able to stare
Soulmate has now became her Ex
Filling her life with pain and stress
Days passed on and she found her other half
Dark days gone and she began to laugh
She was my colleague and one of the best
Who now suffers from Almighty's biggest test
She once lived a honorable life
Things have changed, now struggling to survive
My heart broke when I saw her homeless
That moment I was very much disturbed
It's Almighty's blessings that she is getting aided
By them, whom once she helped and mentored


What’s the time madam? My office cab driver asked me as another employee next to him was in a deep sleep. “12.30 Bhaiya” I said calmly. The roads were drenched with water as it was raining. The roads were filled with yellow street light and was extremely silent.

Since that other employee was last drop, my cab didn’t had escort. After guiding directions to my home, I got down from my cab and thanked driver as usual.

Our home was in a very narrow street and only two wheelers can pass by.

I was walking towards from the street as my house was 5 minutes from there.

I took the key from my bag and was trying to open the main door. I sensed someone was standing behind me.

I was in a very deep sleep. I couldn’t move my body and couldn’t open my eyes. I felt the smell of incense sticks and many different voices . What ?? Smithi Aunty is here?? When was she back from Delhi? I had too many questions. Suddenly an other familiar voice said ” How can he kill her for Money and Mobile. He should be punished to death” . I was stunned. Whom they are talking about? One minute. Is that me?? I died?? I got murdered?? Really???

With lot of emotions and fierce, I push hard to woke up . Hard !! Very hard with full force!! And finally I woke up from the bed after many successful attempts.

My mom was standing in front of me asking me to have lunch since I woke up after my previous day night shift.

After a long days , my parents have gone to Piku's wedding and since Shaam( My bro ) had semester exams scheduled, I thought to accompany him.

It was 2 AM in the morning and I was still starring at my mobile , scrolling Instagram posts. I heard a big bang noise suddenly . Shaam was sleeping with his book over his face. He didn't respond to me even after I waked him up. I brought all my courage together and decided to go to upstairs.

When I entered the terrace,it was bright orange and I was shocked as I saw a orange hot air balloon parked over our terrace. I was totally surprised to see that and more than that I was excited.

I slowly went towards the hot air balloon and it was labeled as K3-Flyer. This was the first time I have ever seen such big balloons because , Mumbai people will not get a chance often to see such huge hot air balloon. When I was stuck in various thoughts about the one I saw, someone tapped my shoulder.

Before I turned , he was in front of me. He looked like a body builder and wore a black backpack. He exactly looked like a traveler. I was stunned as I saw a stranger in my terrace.

He told me he is a traveler and he has invented this hot air balloon. He said he got down as he wanted some rest and since the balloon lost its control, he ended up landing in our terrace. I was still standing and he went back to balloon and started it again.

I was not able to speak a word because everything happening around me was a dream. He waved me bye and told nice "to meet you young lady", and I was still standing there watching him flying on the air.

I didn't sleep the rest of the night , thinking about the K-Flyer. When I woke up at morning, Shaam left for his college. I started to scroll my Facebook and I was totally in shock when I saw the post.

" A Traveller who was in a tour to himalays in his own constructed hot air balloon , passed away as his balloon collapsed around 11 PM. He was not able to survive as his balloon lost the control and he ended up falling down."

The post had two pictures, one was the Orange hot air balloon with Label K3-FLYER and other was his corpse.

So he passed away by 11pm and how come I met him at 2 AM the next day? When I was lost in my thoughts, he stood in front of me with a scary laugh.

___THE END___


We have heard many techniques, strategies to have a peaceful life with ton of happiness. Those techniques, strategies looks funny at first and it becomes hard if we start to follow them.

Every self help books always focus on how to improve our life, how to live the life we want. But we do not have that much time to read n number of books. Indeed each books are unique and convey many points which will definitely help us.

So, after reading more that 100 self help books, I found a strategy which indeed helped me a lot to overcome depression and live the life I wanted.

1. Connection with God

2. Growing Gratitude

3. Breaking Bad Habits

These three things are the base if any one wants to change their life.

1. Connection with God

The more we connect with God, the peace will flow abundantly from our heart. Spirituality opens the heart to get peace and happiness. Everyone has their own way to have infinite connection with God. It will also help you to self discover about yourself in your point of view.

2. Growing Gratitude

Counting blessings always leads to positive vibes. Believe it or not, start to write bullet gratitude journal and you will definitely feel how much blessed you are and that automatically urge you to do good things. Read out all the points you have written on each day and you will get a unique feel that you are gifted a beautiful life.

3. Breaking Bad Habits

This is the base to change the life. Forming a new habit is more easy then breaking a old habit. But if we truly want to change our life, we should come out of our “comfort zone”. When you start breaking your bad habits, you will feel that you have achieved a good progress in changing your life.

If you start following the above strategies, boost yourself by giving you a small reward that will definitely make you feel that you got the fruit for your accomplishment.

Patience is the key for all the three strategies. It may take a month, an year or even many years to change completely, but if you have already started to working on the progress, that will be a turning point for the changes to happen.

All the best to all those people who are obsessed to change their life towards tranquility.

Want to change your life. Give a try reading this article

Everyone has a desire to change their life. But very few make an effort to live the life in way they need. Wisdom – 5 shows how a person can change his/her life in more simpler and effective ways. There are too many ways to change our life, but these strategies will be very helpful for someone who wants to know the initial ways to change the way of living

1. Difficult to change the life, easy to change the way of living

2. Habits transformation

3. Little things matter the most

4. Embrace the emotions

5. Grow Gratitude

1. Difficult to change the life, easy to change the way of living

It is difficult to change our life, because those power is only with the God. But it is quite easy to change the way of our living with help and blessings of Almighty

2. Habits transformation

Know the reason for change. Some may want happiness, some may want peace, some may need to be productive. Without a reason, progress is impossible .Plan the areas of life where you need to change the habits.








Fun and recreation

Once you start to decide the areas, plan to do a small changes which can make a vast results.

3. Little things matter the most

Never underestimate the power of little things in your life because they matters the most. Create a checklist for each areas of the life. Start with one simple doable task and you will feel the happiness when you start to accomplish . Start to celebrate small wins as they are the true boosters which makes us to do more doable tasks

4. Embrace the emotions

Never try to suppress your emotions, instead know the ways to handle them. Embrace all your negative emotions ( Fear, depression, anger ) . Never try to drive them away , because till your last breath, they are your soulmates.

5. Grow Gratitude

Gratitude makes you humble .Analyze your day througly and practice to write the list of things that really made you feel happy for the day. Writing those lists will really boost up when you feel low. Actions matters the most.

Start practicing the strategies and you will start to reach the desired destination of your life.

The given five steps will definitely help anyone who is desperately trying to transform their life.

1. Find the purpose of life

Everyone has a purpose in their life. But most of them never try to dig deep into it. Everyone’s purpose will be unique. Some may want happiness, some may need peace or some want their life to be productive. Finding the purpose will definitely serve as a base to transform the life as desired.

2. Embrace the negative emotions

We all want to be happy always, be positive, and live with peace. If it happens vice versa , we all feel devastated and start to curse our own life. Negative emotions like stress, depression, anxiety, anger , sadness are all similar to the positive emotions. Embracing those emotions will definitely makes us feel more matured and helps us to get the true inner peace.

3. Figure out the areas of life

We all want to upgrade our life to a better one. But without knowing the areas of improvement, all the steps which we take , becomes meaningless.

These are the basic areas of life which leads to transformation.

1. Spiritually

2. Health

3. Relationship

4. Career

5. Finance

6. Fun recreation

Not everyone’s areas will be same. Some will also include education, passion , personal development as well . Figure out the areas to improve your life and that will be a actual check point for the transformation.

4. Work on the habits

Habits are the roots for transformation. Habits makes us to do simple tasks that gives us a lot of motivation. For example, If some may want to become healthy, writing down the habits related to it and taking small actions daily ,will boost them up and gives a satisfaction that they going towards the right track.

5. Upgrade your passion

Passion brings peace to the heart. It also helps us to discover ourself more deeply and heals the bruised soul . Spend at least five minutes daily to upgrade your passion. Because,at the end of the day, what we do for our own happiness, matters a lot.

“Depression” is the one word that is ruling our world, especially in the current generation. Even though everyone knows that it is a negative emotion, it creates a huge impact in transforming our life positively.

I was fed up with my IT (corporate ) job right from the beginning and it immensely kept on increasing in the past four years. Due to night shifts, I was battling from severe depression, along with experiencing panic attacks and Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) .

I was exhausted both physically and mentally and slowly I started to loose myself.

In this article , I would like to share how depression improved my life and how it helped me to find myself again amidst of many chaos.

1.Closer to Spirituality

During my school and college days, I used to pray intermittently with less concentration. It was like a compulsory duty for me and I used to perform my prayers too fast with minimal interest.

At the time of depression , mindful prayer healed me a lot giving me genuine satisfaction. I started to develop a stronger link with the Allmighty. It was the spiritual development that gave me strong hope and strength to live again.

2.Gratitude development

Gratitude is an essential habit in one’s life and being grateful makes a person internally beautiful. Whenever depressed, I started to write a gratitude list daily during my bed time. It not only helped to see the grateful things / people in my life, it also helped me to forgive and forget negative things which caused distress.

3.Obsession for little things

Little things always counts. During my depression period, I started to pay attention and noticed simple moments that happened around me.

An evening tea time with my mom, watching a beautiful sunset, gazing the blue sky with fluffy clouds, capturing photos during rain, spending time with kids, all such little things gave peace and delighted me to a great extent.

4. Ample time for self

I resigned my job finally few months back and during the break time, I started to do things that gave me genuine happiness. I felt more productive than normal as there was ample amount of time for myself.

My day will start with a mindful prayer along with watching the beautiful sunrise. I did Yoga regularly , made DIY Craft works, spent time in gardening, tried different delicious dishes, learnt basic embroidery stitches. That’s is when I understood the real meaning of “me time’

5.Stronger connection towards passion

Right from my childhood, reading and writing were my favorite hobbies. My aim was to become a good writer and as years passed, it developed further as my passion.

Busy schedules at work served as a barrier between myself and writing.Being an introverted person, I wanted a different way to let out my emotions when depressed ,and that was the time I realized about my passion. I started again to write self portrait poems,flash fictions, short stories, self help articles and published it online regularly. Day by day , my writing got improved and I felt completely whole again after a long time.

In a nutshell, “depression” not only bends a person , but at the same time, it also mends a person in a positive way to transform their life meaningfully.

“Life is like a …….”. We would have come across this phrase at least once in our life. Common replies for these will be like , “ Life is like an ice cream”, “Life is like a ocean”, “Life is like a game” and the list keeps going on. Each individual answer depends on the things they see in their day to day life or it depends on their favorite likings.

I recently went to an interview and the recruiter asked me “ What can life be compared with?” . At that moment, I saw the bright sky outside with beautiful fluffy clouds from the window and immediately answered that life can be compared with the vast sky. He gave me a pen and paper and told me to think deeply for few minutes and write a brief explanation for relating sky with life.

I wanted to share the explanations which I wrote, so that it can help you to understand our life in a different perspective.

We are not alone in this universe

Beautiful sky withholds many gifts within. The Almighty has not left the sky empty. There is a Sun, a Moon , stars , clouds, meteors and rainbow. Each entity decorates the sky and makes it look adorable with its own presence. Similarly, when we compare this to our life, we are not alone here in the universe. Almighty has surrounded each person with family, friends , relations, neighbors and colleagues. Their support helps us directly or sometimes indirectly to know more deeper about our self in many situations. Whoever feel that they are alone with no one to understand them during their hard times , they should pause and think about the one person who made them smile with their company.

Handling positive/negative situations

Many events happen in the sky regularly. We see the beautiful sunrise, milky clouds, breathtaking sunset, soothing rain, glowing moon, glittering starts, vivid rainbow, delighting eclipses, amazing northern lights. At the same time, there are also some scary events like thunderstorms , hailstorms, lightning , tornados, hurricanes and cyclones . Same things happen in our life too. There will be many occasions that brings peace and makes us happy . We get extremely rejoiced during those beautiful times. We will also undergo various negative situations in the life. It can break us to pieces and makes us weak. Our life is filled with positive and negative moments. We all have a courage that is hidden within ourself. Identifying that courage, helps us to handle various situations in an efficient way.

Understanding the flow of life

Every time , the appearance of the sky doesn’t look the same. There will be some days, where we could see a clear sky which is bright blue during summer time . The view itself will fill us with an instant energy shining our day. During monsoons, the bright sky is gone , and all we could see is a gloomy sky with numerous passing clouds. As a human , we all have deeper thoughts. When the life is smooth , we feel everything is set right but we fail to thank for those perfect gifted moments. But , if there is a curve in our life , we start to complain over the things that makes us sad. We forget to think that one day the curve will be straightened and vanished like passing clouds. Every moment in our life is already planned by our Almighty . Understanding this flow can motivate anyone to be mentally strong at the same time will help them to find a purpose for living.

You are free to compare life with anything as you wish. But remember to resonate genuinely ,so that it will help to change the perspective of life in a far better way.

Every single soul in this world, need someone to share their feelings, fears,pains, emotions and liking. Words can break or makes someone. “Empathy”, is an art. We could have seen few people, who used to complain often about something that’s bothering them to all of them they meet. Sometime, we feel frustrated seeing those kind of persons. But we fail to understand them.They don’t seek us for their problem’s solutions.

All they need is our genuine attention and dedicated time to listen to their talks. Some may listen to them partially, where few tend to avoid them. Lending out our ears to someone is also a random act of kindness. All we need is an ample amount of time and few positive words from our end.

More than half the population of the world are battling severe depression. Loneliness is found as a major cause. Especially, youngsters and aged people are affected badly due to this negative emotion. This sometimes serves as a chance to end their life. Here are few other points that can help everyone to understand Empathy, even more better.

• Listening is the golden key of Empathy • Sympathy soothes temporarily, whereas, Empathy heals permanently • It can also help a person to take better decisions ,as ample amount of time is given to them genuinely by someone else

We feel sorry and show our sympathy to someone,who is going through tough times. But the real way to support them is by understanding their situation. That “Empathy”, can help them to heal deeply and can even motivate to come out of that hard times.

Argument– Though this one sounds negative, we have been a part of this at least once in our life time. We put all our energy to win the arguments along with our negative emotions like anger, frustration,guilt, stress etc during most of the times. The sense of victory after breaking someone’s heart with those negative emotions,gives us the pure joy at that time.

Even though , at some instances, we tend to avoid certain arguments, we stumble to control our self to protect our self respect. This article mainly focus on how to handle arguments , how they can be classified ,along with a small challenge for readers at the end.

Handling Arguments:
The less we react, the more we can win an argument. By understanding this concept clearly,we can strengthen our relationship bonds easily without spending much time and energy. It doesn’t mean that we should always remain quite when someone is arguing with us. We need to first analyze deeply if this argument is worth to continue further.

Types of Arguments:
Arguments can be classified in two ways.

1. Healthy Arguments

2. Unhealthy Arguments

We all are aware about healthy arguments, that help us grow in one way. But here,let’s see a clear picture about the unhealthy one, when understood,will also help us grow in a different way.

Imagine if you are working in an IT firm. Someone who is in a different profession argues about something which you are more familiar about. The wisest way to win this argument is to stop equally arguing. If you continue to justify the point , it will definitely take your time and energy and at some instances, it can even create a misunderstanding.

So here comes the challenge. For a month, if you come around a situation to be a part of any unhealthy argument, analyze it and stop responding. So that it will help the other person to put an end soon with out dragging it deeper. You can even post comments about how you felt during that times , which can help others to tackle those situations.

Finally,we all know that ,”Silence is the best reply to a fool “.Remember this always and use this strategy to win any unhealthy arguments in a healthy manner.

Everyone’s journey in life is always unique. Some feels like their lives taste sour, while some feels it is sweet.We can’t deny this because everything depends on one’s mindset.

More than two years, the self discovery process of mine is quite smooth. Initially when I was thinking of changing my life, post depression, I thought it was quite easy and won’t take much time. Well, generally we all want the changes to happen instantly. It’s not our fault, it’s a human nature. But if you ask someone who is committed genuinely to become a better person, they know their journey towards transformation is a slow process. They savor every moment of life mindfully, focusing for betterment day by day.

During transformation process, I learnt few lessons in my life. I want to share those here which will be useful for people who are stuck in their lives.

• Becoming a spiritual person is the golden key to become a better person

I have started to make my prayers regularly with maximum mindfulness. The patience obtained through this spiritual way, calms my soul.

• Depression is a turning point in life, which bends temporarily but at the same time, mends permanently

Please read my post on ” How I found the positive side to my depression“ in Thrive Global site, where I have expressed the gifts of depression.

• Solitude is a bliss, that helps to rejuvenate self from all the chaos

I never felt that introversion is a flaw. It is helping me to be unique in my own way, giving a deep peace.

• We can’t change our life, but we can change the way of living through habits

I am obsessed on developing habits. It is really useful for me to track my day to day process in an organized way.

• Quest for discovering self is a gift. Who ever has that drive, must be proud of themselves

My quest to self discovery is always vivid and I hope it will be the same for all who are in that journey.

• Spending time for family and friends are priceless. It helps to realize that we are not alone in this world

At times, comforting words from my people, completely relieves my pain.

• Nature is one of the richest sources to heal, when we are feeling low

I love spending time outside. Being a nature lover, gives me a complete serenity.

• Little things are powerful. It gives the purest joy which can be felt only by heart

Big things has given me temporary happiness, but I prefer to focus on small things, which develops my attitude of gratitude.

• Physical and mental self-care is much-needed than we think

I always feel the positive vibes whenever I commit for self-care. It serves as source to ameliorate my wellness.

• Quality is always better than quantity. Not only in transformation, it is needed for an entire life

Prioritizing quality over quantity has helped me a lot to improve my standard of life.

• Being valued and giving value is a genuine way to connect with the people

I love to listen when people talk to me. In my opinion, giving our attention to others is the easiest form of support.

• Making time for hobbies helps to let out bounded emotions to the world, in a creative way

I express my inner feelings through writings, coloring, photography, cooking. Most of the times, these things aid me to showcase my emotions in an artistic way.

Lessons learnt in our life, should always be cherished. Nevertheless, it is big or small, those are the legacy which will be a guide for others, when we depart.

Every person in this world has both sadness and happiness residing inside them. There is a huge difference of sharing those joy and pain to others. Because we are attracted more towards positive when compared to negativity and it’s a human nature. The main reason for suppressing our emotions is due to high fear and low courage. It’s not only about the introverts who hide their feelings, there others as well who sometimes never speak out about their pain to others.

In this article, I am going to share about my experience on how opening up have created a positive impact in my life.

Right from my childhood, I never used to share my emotions outside due to introversion. Either it may be a joy or pain, I always kept them inside as I feel embarrassed when letting them out because of the thought that no one can understand them better them me. That’s the reason I started to write so that some way or another, those bottled emotions can be poured out. I am glad that through the same writing which always helped me to heal, has now given an opportunity to understand about the reality of opening up.

I have never told anyone apart from my parents and siblings about my writings. I have shared them online but was scared to tell them to my family members and relations because of a fear of criticism.

A day back, I was on a call with one my friend whom I was very close from my childhood days. In our conversion, we came across a topic about the criticism, and she told that getting criticized is not wrong. In fact, we should use it as a ladder to raise and show people that we have the capability to do things that they criticized about.

Something hit me hard because what she said about criticism was cent percent true. I told her that I have published few articles online and also gave the link to read them. I was indulged in work and totally forgot about it until she pinged me back after a couple of hours with an appreciation message. And that night has changed my way of thinking completely.

So slowly we both started to speak out and our conversations went deeper. It was mainly focused about how having faith in Almighty can solve our problems and how we feel when suffering from depression. It was strange that we always had a causal conversation but what happened tonight was a matured one. Each positive word that she uttered, healed me bit by bit, and I am very glad that finally there is someone, who understood and enjoyed my writings. I found that the wave length of our thoughts was almost same as we had gone through same things in our life, but in different ways. We have decided to share our thoughts often as it has made us feel lighter.

There is a beautiful saying that everyone knows. That is, “Words are mightier than sword”. I always believe it every time not just because I love writing, it’s a general thing, and we can’t deny that positive words with compassion indeed soothes bruises and pain. So never every feel shy to open up, try to be courageous enough to speak out the things from your heart to someone close to you. It not only benefits us, but at the same time it will also give a hope and clarity to them that they are not suffering alone.


She was confused between her passion and career.

At last , her heart choose the way towards the peace.

We will always travel in the same path whatever it might happen.

We should never cross our path again.

Promise fades, yet memories stays !!

“Let’s go for a break Mia ” she pulled the empty chair next to her.

Weeping silently ,she sat alone remembering her deceased best friend.

At last, their dream of posing together in the wedding ceremony , came true.

She was with her husband and he was with his wife.

” Please click to submit the resignation” .

Finally she felt the essence of freedom for first time in her life.

The sunset was beautiful and so was that evening.

She captured those moments with solitude as her company.

And finally, she figured out that the appetite of life was lost.

From that moment, her focus completely shifted towards the self care.

Finally, loan got approved and their dream house was bought.

Still, the two couldn’t make it like a home,due to job stress that created a gap.

He hurt her again, and she broke up this time.

At last, only the memories remained.

At few instances, even she wanted those attentions.

That weren’t given due to her introversion.

He stumbled to hold her for the first time — Father

Years passed, and she held him when he stumbled — Daughter

She slept from dawn to dusk.

All because of the restless night shift work.

It was 3 am and she was still awake.

Desperately hoping for his apology message.

Entire class pointed out that she is the quietest person.

Not knowing that their avoidance played a major role behind her silence.

Self discovery is not only about finding true self.

It’s an art of surviving and thriving, amidst of being stressed.

She was completely exhausted to the core.

Yet, managed to hide them through the smile she wore.

She hid all scars, without showing to the world.

But those pains were seen, clearly through her words.

We often suffer from the vague mood swings.

That sometimes leads to unnecessary misunderstandings.

We all get exhausted mentally at some point of our life.

That makes us numb and takes away our peace.

Void in a heart is worse than the scar.

People who suffer from it, needs the deepest care.

She feels a special connection with the mother nature.

Caring for them, gives her a unique pleasure.

She uploaded relatable quotes in her instagram feeds, after having the breakup.

Not knowing that, It was one of his writings about the memories, when they were together.

Little things, always means a lot

Those are the ones which fills the heart

Some may not agree with this point

But those are the things, that will never disappoint

She was eagerly waiting for the sun to rise.

Hoping that the new beginning can change her life.

Most of them longed for work from home during those normal days.

But now want to go back to work, due to the boredom they face.

# Lockdown #


All she wanted was attention, affection and appreciation.

But what she got was rejection, aversion and depreciation.

The reason for all of them were due to the expectation.

That made her suffer from this endless depression.

In the end, she left the world with those bitter gifts as her possession.


It's difficult to change the life.

But it is easy to change the way of living.

Everyone knows that the problems are a part of life.

But very few diligently find a solution, that helps them to thrive.

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